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Test package generic 10/10/10

Test package generic 10/10/10
Article No. PARIS-00042
  • Generic Viagra 10x100mg
  • Cialis generic 10x20mg
  • Levitra generic 10x20mg


Trial pack generics is a great way to assess the effectiveness of a product without wasting time and money. These trial packs can help you figure out which pills work best for you. Test package generic contains drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. This drug test pack with a worldwide reputation has been repeatedly tested by many people successfully.

It should be understood that each person can be different, so among several similar products, some of them have a much better effect than others. This variety makes it possible to try the best options, each time several times, to determine what is most effective for you. More and more men are choosing generic sexual enhancers because they are sold at a better price.

Not everyone can afford to buy the original tablet because of the rather high price. You can buy potency test package at a very attractive price.


All drugs in the generic test pack are asked to take about half an hour before sexual intercourse. Duration they have enough others, such as Viagra effects for 4 hours, Levitra can have up to about 8 hours, and the validity period of Cialis is about 8-10 hours. Based on research, Levitra helps older people better.

Well, the individual characteristics of the organism can exert its influence, therefore, despite the effectiveness of each of the drugs, it is best to use all of them in practice in order to make the right choice. It is worth noting that not all drugs can be accepted equally. All are taken orally.

Viagra and Cialis are desirable to drink water and it is not necessary to mix them with alcohol or fatty foods, as they complicate the absorption material inside the body and hence the effect becomes so strong. Levitra should be put under the tongue and dissolve, so the pill can be taken with alcohol and greasy food. Should take half a tablet, but in special cases it can be a whole tablet and this is the maximum daily dose that should be accepted.

Side Effects

In very rare cases, mostly in overdoses, generic drugs may appear small, ill-defined side effects that will quickly disappear: dizziness, headache, runny nose, facial flushing, diarrhea.

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